[How to make Gadabai delicious]_ practice _ method steps

[How to make Gadabai delicious]_ practice _ method steps

Northerners eat more pasta, and there are many ways to make pasta. Among them, noodle soup is a simple and delicious way to eat, but how to make it delicious?

Eggs are usually added to the flour to make the noodles more glutinous.

Everyone eats differently, and people with experience make it more delicious.

1. Pour dry noodles into the basin, beat the eggs, chopsticks repeatedly pull the egg liquid back and forth on the white surface until the steaks are pulled out one by one.

The amount of eggs used is about two servings of noodles with one egg.

2. Pour water into the pot and add the broth (make a lot of broth at a time, put them in fresh-keeping bags one by one, and keep them in the freezer).

) Adjust the taste.

3, when the soup is boiled, shake the bowl of noodles to the left and right, and the noodles will be to the side. You can pull this part of the noodles into the pot, push it back and forth with a spoon, and pull the noodles apartAfter the part of the ravioli is cooked, shake the bowl of noodles left and right, and the relative big ravioli will shake to the side again. You can pull this part of ravioli into the pot and use a spoon to open .Proceed in turn until all the ravioli are poured in and cooked.

4. Since the crickets are stirred out of eggs, the crickets are poured into the boiling water, and the protein will immediately solidify with the dough, and the crickets are divided in size and time, and one part is cooked and then poured into another part, so the wholeThe pot is always clear.

5, pour coriander, celery leaves, a little bit of sesame oil is OK.

6, soup soup is a home-cooked meal, so family members very much like to eat the soup soup I made.

What are the benefits and disadvantages of eating white noodle soup? The soup is rich in ingredients, but tomatoes, greens and eggs are essential.

Sometimes the soup contains meat, eggs, vegetables, and pasta. It is rich in animal protein, plant protein, vitamins and carbohydrates. It is especially suitable for mental workers and children.

If you can add some shrimp skin or replace bone water with bone soup, it will increase the calcium implantation and be more delicious.

If you do n’t want to eat ravioli, you can also drink a bowl of vegetarian soup with tomatoes, cucumbers, greens, fungus, eggs, etc., refreshing and pleasant, relieve your stomach.

It is very suitable for those who have just returned from a trip. It is also suitable for those who have drunk too much the previous day and need to be recuperated the next day.

However, two bowls of noodles are similar to two bowls of noodles. Although they contain higher starch, they will be consumed if you exercise more after meals, but this is not the ideal diet food.

If you drink these two bowls of soup a day, it’s not good.